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Kent G. Hare, Ph.D., is Professor of Early European History at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, an Oblate of St. Benedict, St. Joseph Abbey, St. Benedict, Louisiana, and Lector and sometime Cantor for Weekday Mass at the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Husband to one wife, father to one son, father-in-law to one daughter-in-law, and Xnemesis ofX provider for [edited by wife] a variable number of Xfeline monstersX cats [edited by wife], he is a lifelong fan of heroic tales of all stripes, especially the greatest heroic tale ever told.




COMING SOON(er or later) EarthRise: The History of Humanity During the Twenty-First Century - An Exercise in Future History (Continuandum, 2022) 


The Tolkien Option: Reclaiming the Latin Heritage in the Roman Rite (Lulu/Continuandum, 2021) [LINK]


Holy Ramblings: Travelogues, Commentaries, and Meditations on Pilgrimages Far and Near (Continuandum, 2020) [LINK]


"Heroes, Saints, and Martyrs: Holy Kingship from Bede to Aelfric," in The Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe 9 (2006) online [LINK]


"Christian Heroism and the West Saxon Achievement: The Old English Poetic Evidence," in Medieval Forum 4 (December 2004) online [LINK]


"Athelstan of England: Christian King and Hero," in The Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe 7 (2004) online [LINK]


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"Clerics, War and Weapons in Anglo-Saxon England," in The Final Argument: The Imprint of Violence on Society in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, eds. Donald J. Kagay and L. J. Andrew Villalon (The Boydell Press, 1998), pp. 3-12. [LINK]






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Photograph: The author at the Lowest Bar in the World, Kalia Beach on the Dead Sea, Kalia, Israel/The West Bank. Taken by a fellow pilgrim, 19 August 2018.